Willow Tree

Today was a very sad day in Petts Wood, Kent.   For many years now we have maintained this stunning Willow Tree, due to being heavily decayed throughout the centre core of the tree it became unstable and needed carefully dismantling. Several fungi cause wood decay in willow trees.  Wood decays are often invisible diseases, rotting the interior of the tree’s trunk and weakening the tree so that it can fall without warning.

There are many reasons for decay, one being harsh and incorrect pruning.  Though we have looked after this tree for 5 years now, unfortunately by the time we took over the damage had already been caused. We tried our very best to maintain the tree, but it was past the point of saving.

At JJ&B Treecare we cannot stress enough the importance of having the correct pruning management carried out on your trees.  If you feel a Willow Tree or any tree on your land or garden could be suffereing with decay please contact us for a FREE HEALTH CHECK.  To get straight through to the man himself who has been in the industry for many years and prides himself in gaining the very best knowledge call Joe on 07966 265 373 or email a member of our admin team to arrange a call back today.