Crown lift my tree in Bromley

Crown Lifting

Raising the canopy by complete removal or pruning of lower branches to a desired height, removal of lower branches causing obstruction, providing clearance under the tree.


If you are unsure as to whether crown lifting is needed or not then get in contact for a free tree health check, remembering we also provide free quotations which are emailed to you within 24 hours of receiving your visit.  Their is no obligation to accept the works, though we are competitive with our prices whilst providing professional and experienced tree surgeons to carry out these works.

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As an established and highly recommended business we have a respectable reputation with the NHS, Local Councils and Insurance Companies.

Earlier this year a managing agent based within the Bromley area contacted us as we had been recommended by an insurance company to them.   One of their properties had a large Lime Tree which was causing subsidence issues to the property due to it’s size and location.

Upon inspection we noted the tree did have a Tree Preservation Order (TPO – Protected by the local council) against it, in order to carry out works on this an application had to be made to Bromley Council.  The application consists of having an experienced and qualified Arborist carry out an inspection and put together a report of his findings along with his proposal of recommendations on what works should be carried out.

We use only the most highly and respected company in the area, who is extremely experienced, professional and fantastic with his time keeping in chasing the council for you and us so that we just handle the manual labour.

Once permissions had been granted in writing to confirm they were happy for the tree to be carefully dismantled, our team went in and carried out the dismantling safely.  These works were carried out over 3 days, below are some pictures for your to see for yourself the before, after and process.




































If you need anything like the above carrying out but just don’t have the time to organise tree reports and applications,

give us a call on 07966 265 373 we would be only too happy to arrange this for you POQ.

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Tree Reports

Health & Safety Tree Reports

Are you concerned about the welfare of your trees or even concerned that your tree may pose as a threat of subsidence to your property, then  Health & Safety Tree Report is needed and JJ&B Treecare can help!

We have a dedicated team of Arborists who are experienced and trained/qualified to the very best standards whom are able to visit your home and carry out an Arboriculture Consultancy Report.

They will examine and inspect your tree, by then providing you with the results of their findings and their trusted recommendations on what action to take.

On a weekly basis we deal with tree’s that are within a conservation area or do have a Tree Preservation Order (TPO) against them meaning works cannot be carried out without application to the council and permissions granted.  To carry out the application as you can imagine can be time consuming, however this is something our dedicated team of Arborists can do for you.

If you would more information please feel free to call or email.  We will only be too happy to help.


New Research Could Save Ash Trees!

Our Ash Trees need saving!

And according to the Tree Council, new research on the Ash dieback may be able to save our UK Ash Trees!

Check out our previous post on the Ash Tree dieback here for more information.

To help stop the spread of the Ash Tree dieback, we are offering FREE Health Checks for your Ash Trees and any other trees or shrubs.  Just get in touch to arrange a free inspection.

Ash Tree set for Extinction in Europe

The ash tree is likely to be wiped out in Europe, according to a review of the evidence.

The trees are being killed off by the fungal disease ash-dieback along with an                                                                                                                                                    invasive beetle called the emerald ash borer.

According to the research, published in the Journal of Ecology, the British countryside will never look the same again.

The paper says that the ash will most likely be “eliminated” in Europe.

This could mirror the way Dutch elm disease largely wiped out the elm in the 1980s.

Ash trees are a key part of the treescape of Britain. You don’t have to go to the countryside to see them.                                                                                                             In and around towns and cities there are 2.2 million. In woodland, only the oak is more common.

For more information on this problem, head to the BBC News website.

If you are concerned for your Ash Trees, please get in touch with JJ&B Treecare.

With our FREE HEALTH CHECK we can diagnose any problem or issue for you and advise on the best course of action!

Fossil of the oldest Pine Tree discovered!

Whilst checking the news today, we came across an interesting story on the BBC news website.

Scientists have discovered the fossil of the oldest Pine Tree yet known, dating back to 140 million years!

For a great read, check out the link to the website!

If you want to care for your Pine Tree, which most likely, isn’t 140 million years old, please get in touch with us at JJ&B Treecare Ltd, where we can provide you with a competitive quote and professional, reliable service!

European Tree of the Year Competition!

We love looking after our trees at JJ&B Treecare Ltd, and we love to give credit to amazing trees also!

Why not make part in the European Tree of the Year Competition?!  There were four UK entries, along with others from the EU.  Our UK finalist is the Cubbington Pear Tree in Warwickshire.

It’s quick and easy to do and takes no time at all.  For more information, visit The Woodland Trust!

When you’ve placed your vote, drop us a Tweet and let us know! We have placed our vote, time to place yours!

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Flowering Mistletoe

In the depths of winter, the greenery and white berries of mistletoe is a welcome sign of life.

This plant is partial to growing on trees in the rose family.

Common hosts include Hawthorn, Blackthorn and Rowan, as well as LimePoplar and Apple Trees.

It flowers between February and April, and its berries appear in winter.

We are experienced in managing trees without damaging your Mistletoe in the process!

 Why not contact us and we can come along and give your trees and Mistletoe a free survey!

Care for your garden now, so that it is ready for Spring to begin!

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Defence for your Trees!

We have been inundated with calls regarding people having problems with their trees, due to the strong winds caused by Storm Imogen!  We have had late night call outs for anything from uprooted trees, to branches falling into roofs and causing damage.

To help maintain and defend your trees, book in a Free Health Check with us!  We can show to how to maintain your trees and even give you a maintenance tree care package.

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OUR WORK: Magnolia Grandiflora Hedgerow

We were working in London yesterday on a beautiful row and superb species of Magnolia Grandiflora!                                     There were twelve of these amazing trees in total, forming a Hedgerow.

All specimens had lots of decayed wood and rubbing and crossing branches throughout.

To the clients delight, we removed all of the deadwood, decayed wood, rubbing and crossing branches.                                        The end result is something that JJ&B Treecare are very  proud of, as is our client.


Before tree care work:

Before Before


After tree care work:


After FullSizeRender-4 After After


As you can see from the images, our tree care work has given these trees the space they need and will allow                                    more light to reach the leaves.

If you require tree care works, no matter how big or small, care for your garden now, so that it is ready for Spring to begin!

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