Cherry Plum Tree Flowers

Unlike most early bloomers in Spring, the cherry plum flowers are found on trees rather than low-lying plants.

The tree itself can grow up to 15m tall, but the flowers only reach 2cm across. They have five stark white petals and long deep yellow stamen, which appear early-mid February.

These flowers are easily confused with blackthorn flowers, which are more of a cream colour and often bloom later than the cherry plum.

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Flowering Mistletoe

In the depths of winter, the greenery and white berries of mistletoe is a welcome sign of life.

This plant is partial to growing on trees in the rose family.

Common hosts include Hawthorn, Blackthorn and Rowan, as well as LimePoplar and Apple Trees.

It flowers between February and April, and its berries appear in winter.

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Care for your Cherry Blossom Tree

This Spring, make sure you care for your Cherry Blossom Tree!

We are experienced professional Arborists here at JJ&B Treecare, and we want to make sure that you get the best out of your trees for many years to come.  Did you know that proper professional pruning and maintenance can add years upon years to your trees lifetime?!  Not only that, but by reducing, thinning or lifting the crown of the tree, you will be helping the tree to grow in a much more manageable and uniformed fashion.

A pruned tree is a happy tree!

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