Storm Ali

Storm Ali strikes.

Over the past few days we have experience some extremely high winds, causing damages and sadly some truly devastating fatalities.  An incident reported of a branch falling and hitting a passer-by underneath.

Sadly we can’t alway prevent or predict this will happen, however we do always recommend health checking your trees to make sure they are not weak and in decline putting them at greater risk of falling or branches snapping.

We have had a number of call outs to attend properties complaining that trees have been affected.  At JJandB Treecare we offer a 24 hour emergency call out service.

Please if you experience any trees falling, branches snapping do not hesitate to contact us we will only be too happy to help and attend to assess.


Here are a couple images from the BBC NEWS on just what has happened over the country due to Storm Ali.


If you feel you would like advice or have an emergency please feel free to contact us on 07966 265 373 or drop us an email for a quick response.