Beast from the East

Has the Beast from the East Snowstorm affected your trees?



Since Monday we have been sitting back and watching the weather do as it pleases, work, school and businesses being affected.  Though we have not thought about the potential damage snow can cause to our much-loved garden trees.



Heavy snow and ice storms cause damage by bending and breaking branches. The branches of many hardwoods, such as Siberian elm, maples, and birch, may be seriously damaged in ice storms. Improper removal of ice or snow from the tree or shrub might increase damage.


We are predicted to have more snow showers over the next few days, though our vans may have difficulty getting you, our phone lines are still very much in action and havent stopped this week.


If you have any concerns for your trees and their branches once the snow clears up please do not hesitate call us on 07966 265 373 or drop us an email and we will get back to you within 24 hours.


Last but not least please keep warm and keep safe if you are travelling on the roads.