Water your trees

Guidance to watering your bushes and trees.

It has been quite some time now that we have seen rain especially in the south-east and Kent.  Commonly we take care of our plants and grass especially in this heat.  Watering once the sun goes down and it gets cooler.

Bushes and trees need the same attention and care too.

In the evening when setting your sprinklers for your grass just fill up a bucket and water the roots of your trees and hedges to help them survive the mini heat wave that Britain is seeing this year.

Or why not do your bit for the environment and even recycle water by filling up a bucket from your bath water once you have finished, it will work just the same.

We have sadly seen a lot of greenery die off over this summer and would like to guide you on how to prevent this from happening in your garden.

If you are concerned for your bushes or trees and would like a free health check please don’t hesitate we are just a email or a phone call away on 07966 265 373.