Tree Services

Over the past few weeks the phones have been undated with phone calls for many services,  we believe this is due to the weather conditions and the affect it has on growth for our tree’s and hedges.


Below listed is a breakdown of just a few of our most popular services we offer:


Tree reduction

Many people have tree’s and hedges reduced, to remove all of unwanted growth.  This allows the tree’s to regenerate in a more neat and uniform shape.  Tree reduction is also a very important part of maintaining the health of your tree or hedge.   Not forgetting to mention that the summer days and evenings are fastly approaching and you may just have that one tree blocking the sun light, top up the tan and reduce the tree.


Tree removal

Dismantling tree’s is carried out for many reasons, for example; ill-health, blocking views/sunlight, and construction purposes.  If any of these apply to you getting in contact would be your best way to have a free tree health check and make a formal decision based on your opinion and our professional recommendation.


Tree surveys

In many cases, when visiting a property to carry out a quotation we note that a tree in question may have a tree preservation order on it.  This requires a tree survey to be carried out by one of our very professional and experienced tree specialists, along with application to the local council to obtain permission before any works can be carried out.  Don’t carry this work load, we can do it for you.   We organise a tree specialist to inspect, carry out the reports and complete the application.


Please don’t delay in looking after your garden contact today to avoid the mad rush which we have experienced over the past month or so. 

Call 07966 265 373 or leave us and email.

We will always respond within 24 hours.