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Oak Processionary Moth Caterpillars

There has been an outbreak of Oak Processionary Moth Caterpillars (OPM), in London and they are spreading to Croydon / Bromley and Kent.  The larvae, or caterpillars, of OPM are a pest because they can be a hazard to Oak Trees and to human and animal health. The Threat….. TO TREES: OPM caterpillars can threaten the health of several […]

Woodland Trust to Help Dying Ash Trees

In recent news, the Woodland Trust is to help dying Ash Trees! The charity has signed a £4.5 million contract to develop a more transparent supply chain for sourcing UK trees.  Woodland Trust states that the deal will ensure that the trees it plants over the next few years are from fully traceable seed stock sourced from throughout […]

Care for your Cherry Blossom Tree

This Spring, make sure you care for your Cherry Blossom Tree! We are experienced professional Arborists here at JJ&B Treecare, and we want to make sure that you get the best out of your trees for many years to come.  Did you know that proper professional pruning and maintenance can add years upon years to […]

We Recycle Your Waste Tree Cuttings

Did you know that we recycle 90% of the waste tree cuttings that we collect from jobs? Here at JJ&B Treecare Ltd, we pride ourselves on keeping our carbon footprint as low as possible by recycling our clients waste tree cuttings, in order to help the environment.  In return, this helps YOU to lower your carbon footprint! […]

Easter Bank Holiday – Emergency Call Out!

Here at JJ&B Treecare Ltd, we would like to wish everybody a Happy Easter! This Easter Bank Holiday weekend, with the high winds that we have experienced this week and vast number of Emergency Call Outs that we have received, we will be remaining on call.  Should you require our services in an emergency, please […]

Are trees affecting your telephone signal?

Are trees affecting your mobile telephone signal?  A survey conducted by EE network says yes! Large trees can be affecting your telephone signal coverage and create poor reception. However, with Government policies ruling this situation, simplification in planning laws could help improve mobile coverage in rural areas. SOURCE: Telegraph Do you have a tree blocking your signal? […]