Happy New Year


This year has been a properous one for all at JJ&B Treecare and that is thanks to new and repeat customers throughout 2018.

We would like to wish you all a fantastic New Years Eve and wish you all the best for the year ahead, may you all be blessed with health and happiness.


We are resuming visits for quotations from 07th January, however our phone is still in service so if you wish to call to book in your quotation contact

07966 265 373 or drop us an email.

Firework Safety


Remember, remember the 5th of November and all the precautions necessary for your safety and the health of your trees.

We have copied in the link to the website provided by the Fire Service offering all advice when setting out your firework displays.   We have seen it in too many cases in the past of people setting bonfires too close to tree’s in their back garden causing makor health and safety risks, so we will keep this post short and sweet…  Please follow guidelines and be responsible this bonfire night. 

For all your tree services drop us an email or give us a call on 07966 265 373

Storm Ali

Storm Ali strikes.

Over the past few days we have experience some extremely high winds, causing damages and sadly some truly devastating fatalities.  An incident reported of a branch falling and hitting a passer-by underneath.

Sadly we can’t alway prevent or predict this will happen, however we do always recommend health checking your trees to make sure they are not weak and in decline putting them at greater risk of falling or branches snapping.

We have had a number of call outs to attend properties complaining that trees have been affected.  At JJandB Treecare we offer a 24 hour emergency call out service.

Please if you experience any trees falling, branches snapping do not hesitate to contact us we will only be too happy to help and attend to assess.


Here are a couple images from the BBC NEWS on just what has happened over the country due to Storm Ali.


If you feel you would like advice or have an emergency please feel free to contact us on 07966 265 373 or drop us an email for a quick response.


Dead Silver Birch Tree

Dead Silver Birch Tree

This week we have been working on felling (taking down) a dying Silver Birch Tree which of course poses dangers as it is located over a public car park belonging to an NHS building.  Of course the NHS and their team contacted us as soon as there were any signs of it dying and had us inspect the tree.

Due to its height and the fact that it was dying posed health and safety risks for our climbers. They were unable to climb the tree without the use of a crane (Cherry Picker).  These are hired out by us to use on jobs such as the one we are telling you about today.

Simple to use you think, but not.  Equipment like this and jobs like the one we have carried out take professional and experienced arborists to carry the works out, operate the equipment and oversee the job in hand.  In today’s market competition with quoting is at its highest, and though we always aim to be competitive, you get what you pay for.  A friendly and professional team, experienced arborists, fully insured company and great customer service.

We often carry out works for local councils and worked on many jobs given to us my NHS management.   If you feel you may have a tree that is in decline and would like a free heath check which a member of our team can carry out.  Or if you wish for a consultant to visit which we can arrange at a cost please feel free to contact us on 07966 265 373 or drop us an email  for a response within 24 hours.


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We look forward to hearing from you.