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Tree Damage Caused by High Winds!

Have your trees or garden suffered from STORM DAMAGE caused over the Easter Weekend? We have been inundated with emergency tree works since Saturday 26th April. One of which was from this large tree that had uprooted in a customers front garden, and landed across their neighbours garden, driveway and the pedestrian footpath! We had […]

Happy Easter from JJ&B Treecare!

Spring is finally here! The flowers are coming into bloom, it’s getting a little bit warmer, and Easter is just a couple of days away! We would like to wish you all a very Happy Easter break!  And you can rest easy knowing that if you have any tree emergencies, JJ&B Treecare Ltd are only […]

Fossil of the oldest Pine Tree discovered!

Whilst checking the news today, we came across an interesting story on the BBC news website. Scientists have discovered the fossil of the oldest Pine Tree yet known, dating back to 140 million years! For a great read, check out the link to the website! If you want to care for your Pine Tree, which […]

Cherry Plum Tree Flowers

Unlike most early bloomers in Spring, the cherry plum flowers are found on trees rather than low-lying plants. The tree itself can grow up to 15m tall, but the flowers only reach 2cm across. They have five stark white petals and long deep yellow stamen, which appear early-mid February. These flowers are easily confused with […]

European Tree of the Year Competition!

We love looking after our trees at JJ&B Treecare Ltd, and we love to give credit to amazing trees also! Why not make part in the European Tree of the Year Competition?!  There were four UK entries, along with others from the EU.  Our UK finalist is the Cubbington Pear Tree in Warwickshire. It’s quick and […]

Flowering Mistletoe

In the depths of winter, the greenery and white berries of mistletoe is a welcome sign of life. This plant is partial to growing on trees in the rose family. Common hosts include Hawthorn, Blackthorn and Rowan, as well as Lime, Poplar and Apple Trees. It flowers between February and April, and its berries appear in winter. We […]

Defence for your Trees!

We have been inundated with calls regarding people having problems with their trees, due to the strong winds caused by Storm Imogen!  We have had late night call outs for anything from uprooted trees, to branches falling into roofs and causing damage. To help maintain and defend your trees, book in a Free Health Check […]

Storm Imogen – Weather Warnings – Emergency Tree Care!

We have been keeping an eye on the weather forecast for the South East, London and Kent.  The South East have received  yellow and amber weather warnings from the Met Office, for heavy winds caused by Storm Imogen. Please be aware of the extremely heavy winds.  Heavy winds have been known to pull out branches and large parts of […]

OUR WORK: Magnolia Grandiflora Hedgerow

We were working in London yesterday on a beautiful row and superb species of Magnolia Grandiflora!                                     There were twelve of these amazing trees in total, forming a Hedgerow. All specimens had lots of decayed wood and rubbing […]

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from all of us here at JJ&B Treecare Ltd! We hope that you enjoyed yourselves over the festive season and are looking forward to all that 2016 holds! To celebrate the New Year, we are holding a January SALE and giving all enquiries 10% off!  All you need to do is get […]